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Die Forming with Chasing and Repousse

Friday, October 6, 2017 - Sunday, October 8, 2017
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Cost: $575.00

SJS is excited to welcome back Jayne Redman from Portland, Maine!

Chasing and repousse are ancient techniques used to create relief forms in metal. The process can be very time consuming and is most often used for one-of-a-kind pieces. With the use of a hydraulic press and die forming we can speed up that process and preform items to prepare them for final detailing using chasing and repousse.

Die forming also enables us to produce these items in multiples, allowing the possibility of creating editions of an item, each one unique but starting from the same point. If the outline of the multiples remains the same then blanking dies can be used to quickly cut out the final forms. Blanking dies, also called pancake dies, use the hydraulic press to quickly cut shapes out of sheet metal with the hydraulic press. 

Students will learn how to make silhouette dies in both cast acrylic and Masonite for simple domed forms. The addition of carving in cast acrylic or making a mold in thermal reactive plastic allows for complexity and dimension. Students will carve reverse relief shapes in cast acrylic with specialized burs and a flexible shaft and make their own riffler files to refine those shapes. Thermal reactive plastics will be used to easily mold existing items to duplicate. Once we have pressed out our preformed metal pieces we will enhance them with chasing and repousse.

Jayne will be sharing her unique engineering and assembly concepts and work with each student to design their own individual pieces. Students will have the choice of making blanking dies to cut out their shapes or simply focus on the forming processes.

Kit fee of $65 due first day of class and payable to the instructor. 

Jayne will supply a Materials Kit for each student for a cost of: $65. The kit materials will include cast acrylic sheets, Masonite, thermal reactive plastic, Delrin and copper for practice pieces. Tools will include saw blades and needle files to make into Riffler files. She will also provide her Rotational Bench Pin for each student to use. If a student wishes to purchase a bench pin, they will be available at a special workshop price. Tool steel will also be available for purchase at $25.00 per sheet for those who want to make blanking dies.

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Students must have experience in and recent practice with basic jewelry fabrication skills, like sawing, filing, using a flex shaft, etc. For example, completion of our Basic Jewelry 1 (weekend or 8 week course) workshop is a good prerequisite for this class. 

Location: Silvera Jewelry School, Berkeley CA


Instructor: Jayne Redman

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Die Forming with Chasing and Repousse

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