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Bench Tools

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Scribe - wooden handle Photo

Scribe - wooden handle


Good quality economy scribe.

Steel Brush Photo

Steel Brush


Perfect for burnishing, creating a scratch finish, cleaning burs and more - an inexpensive must have tool.

Tube Cutting Holder Photo

Tube Cutting Holder


Use this great jig to hold tubing or wire for accurate sawing. The adjustable stop and slot help you repeat measurements and guide your saw for perfect cuts.

Tube Cutting Jig with Scale Premium Photo

Tube Cutting Jig with Scale Premium


Our new Premium Hand Held Tube Cutting Jig is used to hold tubing or rods up to 1/8" diameter while making perfectly straight cuts.

Tube Wringer Photo

Tube Wringer


Make beautiful corrugated patterns in metal with the easy to use industrial tube wringer. Use with up to 24 ga. sheet or 20 ga. wire.

Universal Holder Photo

Universal Holder


Use this handy holder to hold pieces for stone setting and engraving.

Universal Holder - Hands Free Photo

Universal Holder - Hands Free


Versatile holder allows hands free use while engraving, doing repairs, etc. The four movable pins allow for secure grip on large and small pieces.

V-Slot Bench Pin with Clamp Photo

V-Slot Bench Pin with Clamp


Indispensable to any workbench for sawing and working on various materials. Ours is quality hardwood with a deluxe clamp, made in Germany. Clamps easily onto bench edge up to 13/4" thick.

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