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Aqui Flux - Self-Pickling Flux Photo

Aqui Flux - Self-Pickling Flux


It's the tried-and-true jewelers hard soldering flux. Yellow-green and self pickling, it's the best in water based fluxes. Well-mixed to eliminate suspension.

Blazer Big Shot Large Flame Torch Photo

Blazer Big Shot Large Flame Torch


Piezo crystal instant ignition and state of the art engineering combine into one of the most powerful, and smallest, torches you'll ever use.

Blazer Stingray Photo

Blazer Stingray


The Stingray's 2500F Flame and instant ignition system makes this tool a must have for any soldering.

Casting Torch Propane Kit by Gentec Photo

Casting Torch Propane Kit by Gentec


Use the versatile Gentec casting torch for big soldering and annealing jobs or as your dedicated casting torch for fast and clean melting of jewelry metals.

Ceramic Soldering Board 6"x6" Photo

Ceramic Soldering Board 6"x6"


Ceramic soldering boards withstand temperature up to 2000F Measures 6"x6"x 1/2"

Charcoal Block - Soft Photo

Charcoal Block - Soft


This soft charcoal block helps create a clean, reducing atmosphere during soldering.

Charcoal Block Hard Photo

Charcoal Block Hard


Hard Charcoal Block durable soldering surface

Check Valves (pair) Photo

Check Valves (pair)


Check Valves prevent reverse flow of gases which can cause dangerous mixtures. Use of check valves between the torch and the regulator at all times is strongly recommended.

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